Our Story

Be beautiful! Every single moment of the day


Born as a hairdresser's child, I got fascinated with hair and creating hairstyles at a young age. My 'helping hand' was always needed for parties, or even Christmas dinner looks. Mostly I ended up with a regular ponytail or bun myself, because there was no time left for my own hair after spending so much time fixing others! I wished I had a ‘quick-fix’ for my hair back then.

Over the years, becoming a business woman and a mother of two, I developed the need for that ‘quick-fix’ again. Something that would boost my look, without spending a lot of time on it. Sound familiar?

So here it is! That’s how Infinity Braids was born, and I couldn’t be happier that I finally found my perfect quick-fix (& get to share it with you!). I use it to glam into the night, or to hide a stressful morning. It’s super easy to use and creates a beautiful look in seconds. The perfect hair accessory!

I hope you love it just as much as I do.


Richelle Fransbergen 
❤︎ Founder & C.E.O - Infinity Braids ❤︎