Infinity Braids® - Infinity Gift Card

Infinity Braids® - Infinity Gift Card

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Gift a good hair day ❤︎
We’re introducing you to our Infinity Gift Card! The perfect gift for your loved ones. Do you want to gift your friend, sister, aunt or mom an Infinity braid, but are you hesitating which color or style they’ll love the most? Surprise them with our giftcard! With this card, your loved one can pick a braid of her choice on our website. Of course, the Infinity Gift Card will be wrapped beautifully and sent as a true present. We’ll make sure it’s going to be a party to unpack. 

Happy giving!

❤︎ One gift card = one Infinity Braid (regardless of any other promotions)
❤︎ One time use
❤︎ Not exchangeable for money / credit

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