Infinity Teasing Brush
Infinity Teasing Brush

Infinity Teasing Brush

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Meet our Infinity Teasing Brush!
This is a brush you never knew you would need! The Infinity Teasing Brush is ideal for teasing and styling the hair. The brush makes it easy to give the hair volume, and gives extra texture to all hair lengths in just a few strokes. Due to the thin brush tip and synthetic bristles, the Infinity Teasing Brush is an ideal tool to complete your Infinity look!

❤︎ How to 
For a super-fast, slightly voluminous hairdo, divide the hair into sections. Starting at a section from the crown, holding the hair strand up, place the Infinity Teasing Brush halfway against the hair and comb the hair against the direction of the hair.

❤︎ Stylingtip
Use the thin handle of the brush to create sections. This is much easier than doing it with your fingers!

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