Find your color

Finding your perfect color match?

We want to make this as easy for you as possible! For easy comparison with your own hair color, our story highlights on Instagram feature Infinity Color Cards, categorized per color group (the blondes, the brunettes, the reds, and black & silver), for every color and show photos of happy customers wearing this color.

Tap your color group and go straight to the corresponding Infinity Color Cards:

Find it difficult to choose between two colors?

Here’s a great tip for you! Order both colors and choose the best match when you get them at home. Simply return the one that wasn’t a perfect match. If you choose Klarna as your payment method (pay later), you will only have to pay for the Infinity Braid you keep.

Still unsure?

You can also send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook with a photo of your hair, taken in daylight, without a filter and not in direct sunlight, to help us assess your exact color. Make sure that we can see both the roots and ends of your hair!

Pssst… did you know that our braids are multi-tone? This means that they seamlessly blend into your natural hair color because the eye is drawn to the shade in both your natural hair and the headband. The result is a flawless color match and a natural look.