A super cute hairstyle in less than 1 minute? Discover Infinity Braids®! With our braided headbands you'll create a gorgeous braided look. Browse our collection, determine your color match & order your favorite style(s)!

This is Viènne, our messy braid

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NEW: Infinity Gift Box

Holiday Season is here! Are you already looking for pretty Christmas gifts? We've got you covered! Because this year, we are introducing the Infinity Gift Box. A beautiful luxury box filled with all the must-haves for a 'Fabulous Hair Day'. The perfect gift to give or ask, and this Christmas season extra festively priced: the Gift Box has a value of € 95, but is now on sale for only € 65!

Why you'll love our braids (and us)

High quality braids

Our braids are (hand) made of quality vegan hair. Most brands use animal hair in their products. We love animals and would never do that! Instead, we carefully selected ultra-soft, high quality synthetic hair which looks & feels 100% natural. Better for the animals, the planet ánd your appearance :)

Perfect size & shape

Our braids consist of lightweight, massive volume hair, that can be shaped as wished - from wide to narrow - by pulling the loops. They have a perfect, comfortable fit due to the adjustable strap and are suitable for both adults & children 3+ years old.

Color matching service

With more then 20 different shades, we’re sure we have the perfect color match for you. Not quite sure which one to pick? We'll help you pick the right color any time. 

Motivational tutorials

We'd love to show you how easy it is to create a stunning look with our braids! We’ll provide you with step-by-step tutorials, showing you how to create easy and more advanced Infinity looks.

Giftbox & satin dust bag

All Infinity Braids come in a giftbox that looks like a present on itself. In this box, you’ll find our satin dust bag that protects your braided headband and keeps it smooth & soft. Going somewhere? Use your satin dust bag to carry your braid with you! Easy travelling & a great hairstyle guaranteed.


We ship our products with our trusted local and international couriers around the globe. Wherever you are, you can always have a 'good hair day' wearing Infinity Braids. SHIPPING IN 1 - 2 BUSINESS DAYS!*! *Only when in stock


Super happy with my Infinity Braid! I have never finished a nice hairdo this easy and fast! I only receive nice responses. I wear the Braid with loose hair, but also with a messy bun. Both equally fun! The quality is amazing & the color is perfect after I have sent a photo of my hair!

Merel (Cyber Glam)

I discovered these hair bands on Instagram and immediately sent a DM to ask some questions about the product and the color! They helped me very well. The braid is made of very good quality and I'm very happy with the Braid. I can create a beautiful or festive look very quickly with the braid.

Danique (Spring Lush)

I love this thing! As a busy mom, I am constantly on the go and do not have much time to do my own hair. I usually throw it up in a bun or pony tail and now that I have this headband, it really make me look like I spent some time on it. I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. :)

Cindy (Auburn Sugar)

So happy with my Jolie fishtail braid! I was very unsure about the color, but I was helped so well by sending 2 photos of my hair. The color is perfect! What a fantastic service, even on a Sunday evening. This makes my hair look like a party every day!

Dessie (Creamy Toffee)

I love this braid, it makes my lazy hair days so easy! I will say the color match is awesome. I wore it to a holiday party and everyone kept asking me how I braided my hair. It's so realistic looking and I love how thick it is! I could never get this thick of a braid with my own hair.

Anouk (Sun Kissed)

I'm very happy with my Infinity Braid! It's super simple and incredibly easy to use in my hair. A beautiful look in just a few seconds. Super satisfied! The must have for your hair! The braid is super fun for summer and winter.

Lisa Marie (Auburn Sugar)

I'm super happy with this beautiful braided headband. I can easily put the braid in my hair by myself! Also, I get a lot of compliments on the braid because it looks exactly like my own hair!

Tess (Shimmer Ale)

The braid matches perfectly with my own hair color and looks super beautiful! Thanks for the super fast and good service!

Celine (Havanna Roots)

So happy with my braid :) Within a few minutes I created a super cute hairstyle! The Braid is really useful when I don't have much time to do my hair!

Floor (Honey Blossom)

Yes, I'm very happy with the Braid! The color really suits my hair perfectly thanks to your advice! Thanks again :)

Suus (Marshmellow Roast)


I'm wearing 'Lizzy' braid for several months now and I still love wearing it! The Braid is made of good quality hair and stays incredibly beautiful. If I don't feel like spending a lot of time for doing my hair, the braids of Infinity Braids are really the ideal solution!

Yamaika (Espresso Smoke)

So super happy with my Infinity Braid! So easy to put in and you can make so many different styles with it! I really recommend the Braids, love it!

Jayanna Linsey (Honey Blossom)

The braided bands are so cute! I wear them in different ways. Also great to combine with hair that has multiple colors. They are easy to put in and they stay in place. I'm a fan!

Rosa (Creamy Toffee)

I’m so happy with my Infinity Braid! The braid matches perfectly with my own hair color and de quality of the braid is amazing. I constantly get compliments on my hair when I wear the braid!

Jolie (Spring Lush)